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Best hair transplant techniques by Turkey’s top doctors

    What is Hair Transplant?

    It is a cosmetic procedure where the specialist takes complete hair follicles from areas where the hair grows dynamically and densely (usually at the back of the head and side areas) which are called donor areas, to be reimplanted in areas with weak hair or total baldness (usually at the front of the head and front area) called receiving areas

    We use different hair transplant techniques at Aren Clinic because we always keep up with everything that is new in the world of hair transplantation to guarantee the patient the highest degree of satisfaction with minimal surgical intervention and the least pain as possible.

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    FUE technique

    The revolutionary technique of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction )hair transplant has largely replaced the conservative technique of FUT hair transplantation. It allows almost painless transplantation of hair. It relies on the individual extraction of hair follicles from the donor area. The follicles taken are cleaned of any organic residues and subsequently grafted directly into the thinning area.

    Advantages of the FUE  technique

    • Minimally invasive – No hard surgical instruments.
    • All visible effects disappear after two weeks from the date of the operation.
    • No scars or stitches on the scalp.
    • Completely painless.
    • Good price-performance ratio.

    The Sapphire FUE

    It is an improved application of the FUE technique. In this technique, blades made of the precious stone sapphire are used instead of razor blades. The V-shaped tip of these sapphire blades enables shorter working hours compared to U-shaped steel blades because they offer more cuts with minimal effort and without damaging the scalp tissue. This leads to a simpler process and an overall more natural appearance. The needle of the sapphire blade can be adjusted according to the structure of the Sapphire blades can withstand long hours of operation without complications because of their high durability.

    Advantages of Sapphire technique

    • It is the most accurate hair transplant techniques in terms of creating holes for follicles
    • It has an antibacterial nature and it stimulates collagen which contributes to accelerating healing.
    • It allows a larger number of follicles to be grown.
    • It is the best technique in determining the angles and direction of hair growth.

    Choi Implanter Pen (DHI)

    This innovative method – also called direct hair implantation – allows hair to be transplanted particularly gently achieving natural and healthy results. The special thing about the DHI hair transplant is that the grafts are implanted directly without having to open channels in the scalp beforehand. This eliminates certain cuts that could contribute to scar formation.

    Advantages of DHI

    • Hair is transplanted directly without previous incision or shaving.
    •  Keeps the grafts intact and healthy.
    • Faster healing is observed
    •  The waiting time of the grafts is shortened
    • Possibility to achieve the most natural look
    • Lower bleeding rate and no scars

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