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    The e.max allows us to craft the most natural custom Hollywood Smile
    for you through using materials that behave exactly like natural teeth


    Supreme protection and aesthetic correction


    The most precise smile design


    Unparalleled toughness & excellent biocompatibility

    Advantages To Hollywood Smile With Aren Clinic

    The best dentists in Istanbul

    life time results

    Natural teeth

    10 years of experience

    Hollywood Smile prices vary based on several factors. These include the country where you are getting treatment, the material you are opting for, and the number of teeth you wish to correct.


    How Long Does The Hollywood Smile Last?

    Through proper aftercare, you can expect your Hollywood Smile to last for a minimum of 15 years.

    Do I Need To Remove My Enamel For The Hollywood Smile?

    Removing the enamel is only necessary for a Hollywood Smile if you’re opting for veneers. Otherwise you can have your smile transformation with your enamel intact as both lumineers and zirconia are extremely slim structures.

    What Dental Problems Can The Hollywood Smile Correct?

    A Hollywood Smile can correct numerous dental issues such as 

    • Broken teeth 
    • Deep discoloration 
    • Misalignment 
    • Color correction 
    • Asymmetrical teeth

    How Should I Care For My Hollywood Smile?

    To keep extend the longevity of your Hollywood Smile practice the following: 

    • Brush twice daily 
    • Floss 
    • Don’t use your teeth to open objects 
    • Avoid foods that are hard

    Are The Lumineers And Zirconia Good Options For The Hollywood Smile?

    Many assume that because the lumineers and zirconium are slim in structure, they’re also weak. But in reality both materials possess great durability and strength. In fact, zirconium shares similar properties with titanium, a hard expensive metal. 

    So depending on what your dentist recommends, all options are great for a Hollywood Smile.

    How Should I Act If One Of My Hollywood Smile Shells Comes Off?

    This isn’t very common but could happen if you apply pressure and force to your teeth. The first step you need to do is keep the veneer shell in a safe place. Do not attempt to put it back on your own. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to have the structure cemented back in place.

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