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2.5 billion dollars is the volume of revenues from therapeutic tourism and providing health care services in Turkey for 2019. The hair transplantation operations were prominent as one of the most important treatment and beauty services offered, which achieved half of the proceeds of therapeutic tourism, so that the proceeds from the hair transplantation operations (only) reached more than one billion dollars. According to a report issued by the Health Committee of the Council for Foreign Economic Relations in TurkeyHair transplantation operations in Turkey managed to become the most required operations held in Turkey. Becoming one of the best and most desirable destinations for those who want a distinctive and guaranteed result in hair transplantation, both men and women.

There are many factors that caused brilliant success for the Hair Transplant operations in Turkey. From low cost, professional medical personnel, to the easy access to Turkey due to its geographical location and the government’s support to legislation to facilitate the issuance of therapeutic permits. But one of the most important factors that has contributed to making hair transplantation in Turkey a global brand without competition is the technological progress that is being pursued and provided by hair-growing centers and hospitals.
One of the modern technologies in hair transplantation operations is the Sapphire FUE technique.

Sapphire FUE Technique


One of the latest technologies found in the development of hair transplantation, this technology is based on a sophisticated pen-like tool, which contains a sharp, precise cut. The function of this technique is to configure the scalp specifically in areas that suffer from loss or weakness of hair, to create high-resolution holes to receive hair follicles, which are tribesetted from donor areas of the same condition as treated. It should be noted that donor areas are the parts where there are healthy and strong hair follicles that can be collected and planted in new, healthy and natural growth areas. Sapphire FUE technique is one of the factors contributing to the qualitative shift in Turkey’s therapeutic tourism sector.

Where Does “Sapphire” Come from?


As we mentioned earlier, this technique relies on a modern pencil-like tool and the pencil tip contains a sharp piece, called the “Sapphire Stone”.Sapphire stone is a precious stone that is similar to the jagot in its formation, as it is a very hard material, yet the strength of this stone is proportional to the need to be refined and shaped into a sharp, thin and pointed shape, which has developed the ability of doctors to perform the operation very distinctly from other techniques and tools.

The Difference between Hair Transplantation Techniques


All of these technologies have special uses and features, adapted to situations and objectives defined by the competent medical staff with extensive experience in knowing the most appropriate techniques for each case. Everyone who wishes to get the hair transplantation has special goals and needs that they want to achieve.Therefore, the determination of the appropriate technology and the difference between it and other technologies depends on the medical staff, the extent of its practice and the availability of all its technical and medical solutions and tools.

The Stages of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Preparation: A range of medical examinations and analyzes are conducted to ensure that the condition is perfectly and correctly transplanted and that the treatment plan is defined and clarified between the medical team and the condition for the operation.

Start of the Operation: All parts of the components within the operating room are sterilized, from clothing, masks and tools, as well as the area where hair is to be grown, and the process lines and directions are then identified and delineated in preparation for implementation.

Local Anesthesia: To the extent that this procedure is safe and easy through Sapphire technology, the situation is being anesthesia, which will make the subject of the process comfortable and safe from any pain or side effects.

Collecting and Preserving: Once doctors have identified donor and receiving areas, the hair follicles are carefully and smoothly tribesmen without damaging the hair tissues, and then kept ready to be planted in the designated areas.

Making Cracks and Holes: This is where the distinction and performance of hair transplantation is highlighted by Sapphire technology, as we have stated earlier that this technology is capable of creating a large number of cracks and openings for receiving new follicles safely and accurately, without pain or side effects.

Final Step: At this point, the doctor implants the new follicles using the Sapphire technique, and the process has been successfully completed.

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