Botox Injection is the effective way

Remove all wrinkles instantly and efficiently.

What is Botox Injection?

Botox Injection is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, it is performed under local anesthesia, aims to remove the wrinkles lines caused by facial expressions, and also works to lift facial sagging, which appears due to aging. 

Botox is injected in a certain proportion, and it works to relax the facial stiff muscles, which cause those wrinkles in the face, especially in the eyes’ area, the nose, and around the mouth.

Botox is considered the most appropriate treatment for some medical and cosmetic conditions alike, such as treatment of nasal deviations, jaw cramping and bruxism, sweating reduction, lip augmentation, and facial wrinkles treatment.

Candidates for Botox Injection

  1. People who suffer from sleepy eyes, and tremble eyelids.
  2. People who suffer from spasms in the jaw muscles, and the outcome pain caused by bruxism.
  3. People with nasal deviations.
  4. People who want to have lip augmentation.
  5. People who suffer from clear expressive wrinkle-lines on their faces.
  6. People who suffer from skin sagging, due to aging, and want to obtain a younger skin.
  7. People whose age is between 18 and 65 year old.

Pre-Botox Injection Instructions

There is a list of instructions you need to follow before undergoing Botox Injection operation, to ensure your safety during the procedure and to ensure its success. Which are;

  1. Abstain from all blood diluting drugs, such as; Ibuprofen, and Multi- Vitamine Group, for they contain (A,E), minimum a week before.
  2. Abstain from smoking a week before Botox Injection operation.
  3. Abstain from all kinds of stimulants, ten days minimum, as they prevent the anesthesia process.
  4. Refrain from natural blood-diluting drinks, such as; green tea, raspberry juice and pineapple.  
  5. Abstain from Alcohol before the operation, two weeks at least.

Stages of Botox Injection

Step 1: Preparation
The doctor specifies the places to be injected, based on the medical condition needed to be treated, whether it is medical or cosmetic, and determines the number of injections and amount of Botox must be given.
Step 2: Anesthesia
Botox Injection is performed under local anesthesia, either by using anesthetic cream locally or by using an ice-cold air spray just before the injection.
Step 3: Botox Injection Stage
The doctor injects the facial muscles using a pre-prepared syringe. Botox is injected in a quick and successive manner, once done, cold compresses are placed on the injected sites for several minutes.

Post-Botox Injection Instructions

Botox Injection is one of the simplest cosmetic treatments, a procedure that does not exceed 3o minutes, and you can go to your normal life routine as soon as you leave the clinic, and it has very simple instructions;

  1. Rest for two hours after the injection.
  2. Don’t lean down your head much on the first day.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight.
  4. Abstain from itching the injection areas within the first 12 hours after the injection.

A week after, the Botox will be completely stabilized in the muscles, and the operation’s results will appear.


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