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What is Face Lift Operation?

Face Lift operation is a simple cosmetic surgery, known as face and neck lift, which aims to remove all facial defects, such as; skin sagging and wrinkles that appear on the face, neck and chin. It is performed using many modern cosmetic techs, however, one is used according to the patient conditions; the amount of wrinkles and sagging to be eliminated, as well as to their location; whether in the upper parts of the face, or in the chin and neck areas. 

Facelift operation is either done by Botox and Filler injection, if the wrinkles are very small, or by surgical tightening, if the wrinkles are large.

Candidates for Face Lift

Face Lift operation is the ultimate solution for obtaining a beautiful vivid face. Nevertheless, there are conditions the candidates should have. 

  1. Those who suffer from severe skin sagging placed in the cheeks, the chin, or the neck areas.
  2. Those who suffer from deep sagging in the entire face.
  3. Those who suffer from dangled faces and its thinness.
  4. Those who generally suffer from big skin sagging in the face area, and the chin, and the neck areas.

Pre-Face Lift Instructions

There is a list of instructions you need to follow before undergoing Face Lift operation, to ensure your safety during the procedure and to ensure its success. Which are;

  1. Abstain from all blood diluting drugs, such as; Ibuprofen, and Multi- Vitamine Group, for they contain (A,E), minimum a week before.
  2. Abstain from smoking a month before Face Lift operation, as it affects Oxygen level which is crucial for the healing process. 
  3. Abstain from all kinds of stimulants, ten days minimum, as they prevent the anesthesia process.
  4. Refrain from natural blood-diluting drinks, such as; green tea, raspberry juice and pineapple.  
  5. Commit to a healthy balanced diet enough before the operation.

Stages of Face Lift

Face Lift goes through several stages;

If the technique used in Face Left is a non- surgical method, the doctor will sterilize the skin, apply local anesthesia, then tighten the skin by cosmetic injections.

However, if the technique used if Face Lift is surgical, the process will be as follows:

Step 1: Clinical Examination
The doctor, through which, identifies places where fat accumulates, and which ones suffer from thinness and wrinkles, to work on them.
Step 2: Anesthesia
Face Lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia.
Step 3: Opening Incisions
The doctor opens small incisions around the face, the upper part; at the hairline, down below; at the jawline, and at the ears.
Step 4: Face Lift
The doctor starts to tighten the face from the top, then he tightens the muscular wall, and gets rid of the accumulated fat and skin sagging around the face, the chin, and the neck areas.
Step 5: Closing the Incisions
The doctor closes the incisions using very fine cosmetic strings within the hairline, and at the jawline, so it can heal as scarless as possible. The doctor then, covers the face by an elastic delicate gauze pad

Post-Face Lift Instructions

The doctor will dictate you a list of very important tips and instructions that you need to commit to, to get the best results, which are; 

  1. Abstain from smoking, for two months after the operation, to accelerate the recovery process.
  2. Commit to taking medicines and antibiotics dictated by the doctor to avoid infection.
  3. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the plasticized area, completely.
  4. Gently clean the face and the neck area, by using the ointments prescribed by the doctor.
  5. Stay away completely from direct wind and sun rays. 
  6. Refrain from blood dilutings, whether medicines, or natural drinks, to avoid bleeding. 
  7. Avoid all types of efforts until the wounds are completely healed.
  8. Abstain from swimming, or doing hard exercises, for a month at least.
  9. consume meals that are rich in fiber, such as vegetables and fruits. 
  10. Keep your head up high, for a few weeks after the operation.


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