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Jaw Surgery

It is a surgical procedure that aims to treat problems with the jaw and restore it’s correct form and functions. These include: 

– Surgery to fix problems with chewing, speech, and many other problems that result from jaw deficiencies.

– Aesthetic surgery to correct the shape of the jaw, whether protrusion or atrophy, as well as asymmetries and inconsistencies regarding the shape of the jaw with the face.

– Orthodontic surgery to solve jaw problems that didn’t respond well to fixed or removable orthodontics.

Benefits of Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery treats malocclusion and health issues that arise from it. After surgery you might find that many of the symptoms have alleviated. You can expect the following from the surgery:

Good Candidates For Corrective Jaw Surgery

A suitable candidate would be someone who has jaw misalignments that cause discomfort, health problems, and aesthetic issues; who could not benefit from non-surgical treatments such as orthodontics. Most patients respond very well to less invasive treatments. So you have to exhaust available options before considering surgery. 

You need to be in good health with no past of poor wound healing to avoid post-surgery complications.

Because after surgery you need to stop smoking, you have to be willing to terminate this habit if you’re an active smoker.

Corrective Jaw Surgery Procedure

In most cases surgeons conduct the surgery from inside the mouth which eliminates the appearance of scars on the face. But rare cases necessitate making incisions from the outside. 

The cuts expose the jawbone where your surgeon will attempt to correct their position. To hold the new position of the jawbone your surgeon will secure the movements with screws, plates, and wires. The screws will fuse with the jawbone overtime and the results will be permanent.

More complicated cases require bone transplant. During this procedure your surgeon will extract the bone from your hips, legs, or ribs and transfers it to the jaw bone or chin area.

Jaw Surgery Recovery And Results

Your surgeon will instruct you on how to navigate your recovery. You will make dietary changes and practice specific oral hygiene. You can manage the pain with over the counter painkillers. As for returning to your basic routine, you will need 3 weeks of rest before going back to work. 

Your jawbone will heal after 6 weeks and you might need braces after this for complete alignment. But results of the surgery will be instantaneous.


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