Brazilian Butt for a charming body

Simple steps to enjoy more grainy and consistent body

What is Brazilian Butt?

Brazilian Butt Lift is a simple surgery aimed to boost the buttocks area, and give it an attractive circular texture. it depends on one of two technologies; Autologous Fat Injection, and Fillings, which both give a natural buttocks’ appearance. 

Autologous Fat Injection depending on sucking the excess fat from different areas of the body, then preparing it to be injected in the buttocks area.

As for Fillings’ technique, they are made of silicone to be placed in the buttocks area.

Candidates for Brazilian Butt

Before undergoing any surgical operation, the candidates must have a good general health, to be free from a specific disease to ensure her/his own safety during the operation first, and to ensure the operation’s success as well.  

  1. People who are healthy and suffer from an inconsistent body.
  2. People who suffer from buttocks’ muscle atrophy. 
  3. People who suffer from buttocks sagging due to buttocks droop.
  4. People who suffer from small buttocks.

Pre-Brazilian Butt Instructions

To ensure your safety, and to ensure success to the cosmetic operation, there is a set of instructions you need to follow; which are

  1. Abstain from all kinds of stimulants, ten days minimum, as they prevent the anesthesia process.
  2. Abstain from all blood diluting drugs, such as; Ibuprofen, and Multi- Vitamine Group, for they contain (A,E), minimum a week before.
  3. Abstain from smoking a month before Brazilian Butt operation, as it affects Oxygen level which is crucial for the healing process. 
  4. Refrain from natural blood-diluting drinks, such as; green tea, raspberry juice and pineapple.    

Stages of Brazilian Butt

Step 1: Preparation and sudation
The doctor examines the area to determine which mechanism of surgery to do, then the patient is anesthetized by general anesthesia.

When using the Autologous Fat Injection technique, we go through these three stages …

Step 2: Selection Stage
The doctor determines and selects the body areas from which liposuction is required to be re-injected into the butt.
Step 3: Liposuction Stage
Vaser technique is used to suck out the accumulated fat from the previously selected areas.
Step 4: Fat Injection Stage
The extracted fat is treated and placed in microinjections, then it is injected into the buttocks in a manner that matches the body shape, and gives it an attractive natural appearance.

When using the fillings technique, we have only the following stage …

Step 2: The Incise and the Insertion
The doctor makes a small surgical incision in the lower line of the buttocks area, to insert the Silicon fillings into the buttocks; either directly under the skin layer, or beneath the muscles, as he sees most appropriate.

Post-Brazilian Butt Instructions

The doctor will dictate you a list of very important tips and instructions that you need to commit to, to get the best results, which are; 

  1. Maintain wearing the medical buttocks’ corset for four weeks.
  2. Abstain from sitting or sleeping on your buttocks for a long time in the first week after the operation.
  3. Refrain from doing any activity requires much effort during the first four weeks.
  4. Maintain practicing a special buttocks workout, to keep the results as long as possible. 
  5. Commit to a healthy balanced diet, and live a regular healthy daily routine to recover fast.


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