Beautify the thighs for a firmer look

Remove the sagging and restore your beauty

What is Thighplasty operation?

Thighplasty operation, known as Thigh Lift, is a simple and safe surgery, it is performed under general anesthesia, aims to improve the overlook appearance of the thighs’ area, it is based on removing fat, flabbiness, and skin sagging. 

The surgery is operated by opening an incision in a certain method, according to the patient’s condition, and the approved method’s operation type, by which, the doctor removes the accumulated fat in the thighs’ area, then he tightens the skin and stablese it by certain types of cosmetic stents and strings.

Candidates for Thighplasty

Thighplasty is the best solution to get the great body figure, yet, before going through it, there are few conditions you’ve got to have first, which are;

    1. Those who are healthy, have no specific diseases to prevent them from undergoing the operation.
    2. Those who suffer from sagging and skin lumps in the thighs area due to a great weight loss.
    3. Those who’s fat mass does not exceed 30% of the normal weight.
    4. Those who are healthy, and want to have the perfect slim body figure.

Pre-Thighplasty Instructions

There is a list of instructions you need to follow before undergoing Thighplasty operation, to ensure your safety during the procedure and to ensure its success. Which are;

  1. Abstain from having food and drinks eight hours before the operation minimum.
  2. Take some stool softeners two days before the operation.
  3. Abstain from all kinds of stimulants, ten days minimum, as they prevent the anesthesia process.
  4. Abstain from all blood diluting drugs, such as; Ibuprofen, and Multi- Vitamine Group, for they contain (A,E), minimum a week before.
  5. Abstain from smoking a month before Thighplasty operation, as it affects Oxygen level which is crucial for the healing process.
  6. Refrain from natural blood-diluting drinks, such as; green tea, raspberry juice and pineapple.

Stages of Thighplasty

It’s a must to mention that Thighplasty is not about eliminating a big amount of fat, rather it is specified to removing a small amount of fat accumulations.
Step 1: Anesthesia
The patient undergoes general anesthesia.
Step 2: The surgical incision
The doctor opens an incision, which its place and length differe, it is either placed in the upper inner part of the thigh, which known as the inner thigh lift, or it is placed in the frontal outer side of the thigh, which is known as the outer thigh lift, and is decided according to each patients a side.
Step 3: Thigh tightening
The doctor removes the fat, and tightens the skin, by getting rid of its excess parts, then he stabilizes the skin by using a fine type of surgical strings.

Post-Thighplasty Instructions

The doctor will dictate you a list of very important tips and instructions that you need to commit to, to get the best results, which are;

  1. Maintain wearing the medical legs corset, for swelling reduction and for the healing process acceleration, four weeks at least.
  2. Commit to a healthy balanced diet, rich in metals and vitamins to recover fast.
  3.  Abstain from smoking, for two months after the operation, to accelerate the recovery process.
  4. Stay away from doing any efforts, or carry heavy things, to maintain tissue safety, for two months minimum.
  5. Take short walks after the surgery in a certain period, to stimulate blood circulation and prevent blood clots.


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