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What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a cosmetic procedure that restores male breast size to normal, flattening and enhancing the chest contour. Breast enlargement occurs for men at any age, due to hormonal changes, or the presence of genetic factors, obesity, or even the use of certain drugs.

The techniques used in Gynecomastia process differ according to each case and its degree of Gynecomastia. The case of local fat presence, Vaser technique is used. However, if the case is; growth of excess glandular tissue, or the presence of noticeable skin growth,and the displaced nipple location, here, the surgical incision is used, and the two techniques may be combined.

Candidates for Gynecomastia

Men with the following symptoms are the perfect candidates for this operation.

  1. An abnormal increase of the breast size. 
  2. Noticeable swelling in the breast and the surrounding tissues.
  3. Feeling pain ,once pressuring the breast area.
  4. The appearance of clusters of tissue and sebaceous glands under the nipples.
  5. A clear protrusion in the nipple’s shape as it approaches the ossification.
  6. Occasionally a general sagging in the size of the breast occurs.
  7. Secretions discharge from either one nipple or two nipples together.
  8. The appearance of some sores around the area of the breast.

Pre-Gynecomastia Instructions

  1. Abstain from all kinds of stimulants, and Alcohol for two weeks minimum, as they prevent the anesthesia process.
  2. Abstain from having antibiotics and aspirin as well as anti-inflammatories. 
  3. Abstain from all blood diluting drugs, such as; Ibuprofen, and Multi- Vitamine Group, for they contain (A,E), minimum a week before.
  4. Abstain from smoking a month before Gynecomastia operation, as it affects Oxygen level which is crucial for the healing process. 
  5. Refrain from natural blood-diluting drinks, such as; green tea, raspberry juice and pineapple.

Gynecomastia Stages

Step 1: Clinical Examination
The doctor examines the entire chest area, to decide which is the most appropriate technique to use to remove the Gynecomastia.
Step 2: Anesthesia
Gynecomastia is performed under general anesthesia.
Step 3: Liposuction
If the presence of excess fatty tissue is the reason behind Gynecomastia, then Vaser technique is the best to use. The doctor will open small incisions around the breast to enter the channula and suck out the grassy tissues.
Step 4: Excision Technique
If the reason behind Gynecomastia is the presence of glandular breast tissue, the obvious excess skin, or the nipple is completely displaced, then the doctor will certainly choose the excision technique, he will make incision to remove all these defects and get rid of them, then restore the correct shape of the breast.
Step 5: Combining Liposuction and Excision
Sometimes, Gynecomastia is treated by both methods, combining the two techniques together.

Post-Gynecomastia Instructions

The doctor will dictate you a list of very important tips and instructions that you need to commit to, to get the best results, which are; 

  1. Sleep straight and stay away from bending, to avoid any complications might occur to the  wound.
  2. Have a complete rest for at least three days after the surgery is over.
  3. Avoid drinking any soft drinks or Alcohol and avoid smoking for a period of time after the operation (two weeks – a month).
  4. Adhere to have the painkillers and medication on time accurately as recommended by the doctor.
  5. Avoid stress and exercises that require great effort for the period of time after the surgery (two weeks).
  6. Avoid driving in the first days after the operation.
  7. Rely on liquids in the first days after the surgery, and let the solid food gradually enter your daily diet.


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