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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a cosmetic dentistry procedure that replaces missing teeth with artificial units that mimic the structure and functions of natural teeth. 

The procedure begins by implanting a titanium root and allowing it to fuse with the jawbone before proceeding with the coming steps.

Once the root gains a secure anchor and heals around surrounding tissue, your dentist will add the abutment to place the crown on it.

Materials For Dental Implants

Both the root and abutment are always made of titanium. This is because titanium is the best material for fusing with the jawbone. 

The crown can be constructed from a versatile range of materials. The most efficient and natural looking are zirconium and porcelain. But they cost a fair amount. 

Metal is a cost efficient option with high durability and strength but contrasts the natural hues of teeth.

You can opt for a metal-infused crown for natural looking results and reduced costs but it doesn’t out-rival other options in terms of durability.

All resin crowns offer minimal advantages in exchange for their low costs. They’re not natural looking and cannot carry out natural teeth functions.

Dental Implants Procedures

Your dentist will examine your mouth and conduct an x-ray as well as 3D imaging to locate any health problems. Conditions such as inflammation or cavities have to be treated beforehand.

Once your mouth heals you will go for you implant placement. To place the titanium root you surgeon will make an incision on your gum to expose the bone. To place the implant your surgeon drills through the bone. You will need a few months before continuing with the procedure. This is to make sure your implant fuses with bone.

If the missing tooth is a cause of inconvenience for you, your dentist can place a temporary crown until your jaw bone heals. 

If your jawbone is brittle, you might need bone grafting. It is a procedure that improves your bone tissue to sustain the root.

When it’s time to place the abutment, your surgeon opens the gum exposing the upper layer of the root. This is where your abutment is placed. The gum tissue is closed around the abutment but not over it. 
Once the gum heals, in around two weeks, you can continue with the treatment.

The crown is made in an off-site lab according to your measurements. You have the option to choose up material and its composition depending on your budget.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Your smile will regain its aesthetic appeal and your teeth their natural strength, stability, and functions.
Missing teeth can cause bone erosion which affects muscles and dental tissue around the problem area. Dental implants can prevent this from happening and stimulate circulation around the jaw.
Dental implants prevent muscles around your face from caving in giving you a more youthful look and a healthier facial structure.
Dental implants restore the complete functionality and comfort of natural teeth.

Dental Implants Results

The results are long lasting and can transform your oral health. But to extend the longevity of your implants practice good oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly, and eliminate damaging habits.

Dental Implants Techniques


Veneers are thin scales that cover the front of the tooth to enhance it’s appearance by changing its size, shape, color or length. Veneers in a Hollywood Smile are color-matched and designed in a way that best fits your face.

These veneers are an option to consider when you want to get rid of many dental problems, from shape to color correction and hiding fractures or filling gaps.

They are 0.5-2 mm ceramic films that are cemented on the front part of the tooth through a special procedure. To get your Hollywood Smile with the veneers, your dentist will file down your enamel to create room for placement.


Lumineers are a cutting-edge material for the Hollywood Smile procedure. They are films with a thickness that doesn’t exceed 0.2 mm but possess substantial strength and are anti chipping.

Given their relatively slim structures, your density will not have to file down you enamel for placement. Which means less medical intervention and a faster procedure.

Lumineers and option to consider for Hollywood Smile for faint to medium discolorations and minor defects. They provide long-lasting natural results.


Zirconium is one of the precious metals produced from zirconium dioxide that shares many physical and chemical properties with titanium.

Many promising medical studies have been conducted on its use in the Hollywood Smile procedure, and it has proven to be great success with its unique features, strength, and durability.

Zirconium is easy to design which allows you to get the most natural appeal for your Hollywood Smile. The material is biocompatible with the gingival bones and surrounding tissues. This completely avoids any risks of irritation or sensitivity after its installation. The pure white opaque color of zirconium hides dental issues and the discoloration underneath it. And the results of a Hollywood Smile with zirconium are long lasting as the material is resistant to varying temperatures.


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