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Hollywood Smile

A beautiful smile boosts your natural beauty and enhances your facial expressions. It’s also among the first things people notice about you in both social and professional settings. For these reasons cosmetic dentistry in general is growing in popularity. The Hollywood Smile is a procedure that completely transforms your smile by correcting all deformities from discolorations to misalignments through the use of veneers in a 3-step process. Starting with a treatment period where your dentist treats all underlying issues such as cavities and inflammation of the gums. Moving to smile design and finally placement. The natural and successful results of a Hollywood Smile are the number 1 reason behind the popularity of the procedure. And at Aren Clinic our dentists believe in giving every individual patient their unique smile so that no two patients who visit our clinic leave with the same smile.

Hollywood Smile Procedure

Your dentist will conduct an examination of your mouth using x-rays and 3D imaging to treat any present issues. These could be cavities or inflammation in the mouth.

If you have missing teeth, you will have to opt for the dental implant treatment before the Hollywood Smile. Likewise, if you suffer from severe misalignment you have to consider orthodontics beforehand.

Your dentist will discuss veneer options with you as well as how many units you will need. Once you reach an agreement, your dentist will file down your teeth to create space for your veneers. Then your dentist will give you a mold to bite on to achieve an impression of your mouth. These measurements will be sent to an off-site laboratory where your veneers will be crafted. In your next appointment, your dentist will cement the structures in place giving you a flawless Hollywood Smile.

Hollywood Smile Recovery And After Care

You will not feel any pain after the Hollywood Smile procedure and are expected to carry on with your normal routine. 

A Hollywood Smile can last a minimum of 15 years. To extend the longevity of your veneers, you have to practice certain hygiene activities.

1- Practice Dental Hygiene

This includes brushing and flossing regularly. You do not want to develop cavities under your Hollywood Smile as it can ruin the veneers and cause great discomfort and pain for you.

2- Avoid Stain-Inducing Foods

Avoid the consumption of stain-inducing foods and drinks to maintain the pearly glow of your Hollywood Smile. These include red wines, cigarettes, and coffee.

3- Don’t Apply Pressure To Your

Abstain from damaging habits such as nail biting or using your teeth to open bottles to prevent the veneers from chipping.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

With Aren Clinic, a Hollywood Smile in Turkey is all about you. From providing you with all the means of comfort to meeting your smile needs. Using exclusively world-class resources, Hollywood Smile in Turkey is an experience of excellence with affordable prices.

Hollywood Smile Techniques


Veneers are thin scales that cover the front of the tooth to enhance it’s appearance by changing its size, shape, color or length. Veneers in a Hollywood Smile are color-matched and designed in a way that best fits your face.

These veneers are an option to consider when you want to get rid of many dental problems, from shape to color correction and hiding fractures or filling gaps.

They are 0.5-2 mm ceramic films that are cemented on the front part of the tooth through a special procedure. To get your Hollywood Smile with the veneers, your dentist will file down your enamel to create room for placement.


Lumineers are a cutting-edge material for the Hollywood Smile procedure. They are films with a thickness that doesn’t exceed 0.2 mm but possess substantial strength and are anti chipping.

Given their relatively slim structures, your density will not have to file down you enamel for placement. Which means less medical intervention and a faster procedure.

Lumineers and option to consider for Hollywood Smile for faint to medium discolorations and minor defects. They provide long-lasting natural results.


Zirconium is one of the precious metals produced from zirconium dioxide that shares many physical and chemical properties with titanium.

Many promising medical studies have been conducted on its use in the Hollywood Smile procedure, and it has proven to be great success with its unique features, strength, and durability.

Zirconium is easy to design which allows you to get the most natural appeal for your Hollywood Smile. The material is biocompatible with the gingival bones and surrounding tissues. This completely avoids any risks of irritation or sensitivity after its installation. The pure white opaque color of zirconium hides dental issues and the discoloration underneath it. And the results of a Hollywood Smile with zirconium are long lasting as the material is resistant to varying temperatures.


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