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DHI Hair Transplant


More than $1 billion is the volume of revenues generated by hair transplantation only in Turkey in 2019. As one of the main poles of the therapeutic tourism and health-care services sector, Turkey today is the world’s most successful and best model in possessing a high-quality health system. Its system contributes to the development and fulfillment of all needs of those seeking to improve their health conditions and access services that will achieve more than just therapeutic services.
Turkey deserves its place at the forefront of health service providers and therapeutic tourism worldwide.

The DHI Implantation & Choi Implanter Pen


DHI is Direct Hair Implantation

The idea of this technique is that it is done through direct transplantation of hair or follicles in the  receiving areas. Without the need to create pre cracks and holes in the scalp or in the receiving area unlike other techniques.

This technique is carried out through a tool called “Choi Implanter Pen”. It’s a pencil-like tool that has a cylinder-shaped hollow needle at the end of it with a diameter of 1 mm. The needle collects hair follicles from the donor area to be implanted in the receiving areas and pre-determined by the medical staff.

We should mention here that this is a very accurate procedure as Choi pen collects one follicle per time. Then it is planted in the receiving and designated areas, and so on. This technique has a special capacity in creating openings in new and bald areas to revitalize, grow hair and re-establish it.

The Advantages of Hair Transplantation with DHI Choi Pen


This technology has features and benefits that have made it a suitable choice for many cases, and an approach that the medical staff value to be more able to deliver the desired results. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. With this technology, there will be no injuries in the hair reception areas, so there will be less need for local anesthesia than any other technique.
  2. The absence of injury is the result of the non-use of any surgical instruments, the operation is safe and without any pain.
  3. Hair transplantation with DHI Choi pen technology does not need to shave in the selected areas, so this technology is the ideal choice for women or people who don’t want to shave their hair.

The Stages of DHI Hair Transplant with Choi Pen


After the treatment plan is determined between the medical staff and the recipient, the operation is performed through:

  • Anesthesia: As mentioned earlier, this process requires no surgical instrument or injury in the receiving area, but light local anesthesia for greater comfort and pain while using a stylus.
  • Collecting the follicles: The best donor areas for strong and healthy hair are pre-defined, to be directly collected and transferred to another area.
  • Direct implanting: keeping hair follicles safe, to be planted directly, without the need for nicks or pre openings, via a micro motor tool.

The Difference between Hair Transplantation Techniques


All of these technologies have special uses and features, adapted to situations and objectives defined by the competent medical staff with extensive experience in knowing the most appropriate techniques for each case.

Everyone who wishes to get the hair transplantation has special goals and needs that they want to achieve.

Therefore, the determination of the appropriate technology and the difference between it and other technologies depends on the medical staff, the extent of its practice and the availability of all its technical and medical solutions and tools.

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