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For years, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has been an effective technique to get people to recover faster from injury before it is started to be used for cosmetic purposes. It is a favorite among celebrities. Athletes use it for accelerated healing. Actors use it to enhance their appearance. Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian are among those who preferred PRP facial treatment.

What is PRP?

PRP is a facial rejuvenation treatment that uses your own plasma to stimulate collagen production and cell migration, allowing for the elimination of lines, folds, and wrinkles. Results from PRP therapy are natural-looking and subtle, and they can last for as long as two years. What’s more, PRP is minimally invasive, has no risk of an allergic reaction, and can be used to treat nearly any area of the body without risks of side-effects, making it ideal for patients who are not interested in or are not good candidates for injectable fillers.

How Does PRP Rejuvenate The Skin?

The body cells which aid the tissue in healing and producing new cells are called Platelets. PRP is injected into targeted areas of the skin and then forms an environment that helps in growing collagen, regenerates the tissues, and makes your skin smooth and tight. PRP softens wrinkles and creates skin texture and tone that is smoother, younger, and better.

What is PRP ideal for?

-Dark under-eye circles

-Crow’s feet

-Fine lines around the mouth

-Crepey skin in neck and eye areas

-Coarse skin texture

-Dull or gray skin tone

-Sun damage

-Acne scars

-Large pores

Do I need an initial consultation?

Wherever you are going to have the treatment, it is better to be well educated about it before. If You choose Aren Clinic, you will have a detailed consultation with our clinician, at which you can discuss your medical history and your objectives and expectations for PRP treatment. Your treatment can occur on the same day as your consultation.

Steps of PRP facial Treatment:

Preparation: The treatment area of your face is carefully cleaned and prepared

Drawing Blood: The clinician draws about 2 teaspoons of blood from a vein in your arm separating Plasma from Blood: The blood is set in a centrifuge for about 10 minutes, which rotates the blood at a high speed. This causes the platelet-rich plasma, which is lighter than the rest of the blood, to rise to the top, allowing it to be easily removed.

Anesthetic: If needed or requested, the clinician may apply a topical anesthetic to your treatment area to allow for greater comfort during the procedure

Treatment: The clinician will use micro-needling to apply the platelet-rich plasma to the treatment area. micro-channels are generated that produce direct passages to the deepest skin layers to spur healing.

How Long Does the PRP treatment take?

The PRP treatment usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour, though this can vary according to how many treatment areas you need to be addressed.

Who Should NOT Get a PRP Treatment?

The PRP facial treatment is not recommended for patients who have blood-related disorders, anemia, or cancers of the blood or bone. Those taking blood thinners or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories should stop these medications for a few weeks before treatment and several days following it, based on their own physician’s directions.

How Long Will Recovery after PRP Therapy Take?

One of the advantages of PRP Treatment is that not much recovery time is necessary. Some redness and soreness, similar to a sunburn, may occur immediately following the treatment. Some patients may also experience bruising. The redness disappears on the day after treatment, but some patients will experience slight swelling and rough texture of the skin. By day 3, the swelling usually passes, but the rough texture may remain for up to a week.

What Will the Results of PRP Therapy Be?

You should start to see results within a week. After 1 or 2 months, you should see rejuvenated skin that appears younger and feels softer and more supple. Results may remain from 1 to 2 years following your treatment. Most patients will see the best results after 3 treatments, a month apart, although one treatment can be adequate for some patients. In a trial of 50 people with acne scars, micro-needling with PRP improved acne scars by 62.20%. None of the participants reported any lasting side effects from the treatment.

Treat yourself to the latest regenerative facial, and transform your skin from dull and tired to vibrant, youthful and glowing.

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