Which Eyebrows? Megan Good Or Kira Knightly’s?

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Full and strong eyebrows indicate a youthful look. In the natural course of aging eyebrows become thinner. Also, there are other reasons that would make having an eyebrow transplant a good choice. This procedure is not only for women, as men also seek to have fuller eyebrows. 

Do you want to structure your eyebrows and redesign their lines? Eyebrow transplant is actually a permanent and reliable option to thicken or densify the brows. So, let’s learn more about the procedure.

What is an eyebrow transplant?

The eyebrow transplant is a surgical technique to lengthen the brow line and increase its density. It effectively replaces permanent makeup and tattooing. In addition, it has many advantages over other methods. Indeed, this technique leaves no visible scar. It offers an aesthetically more natural result. In addition, an eyebrow transplant at Aren Clinic is fast, precise, and much denser.

Why do an eyebrow transplant?

    In the majority of cases, patients choose eyebrows to transplant for aesthetic reasons. Their eyebrows no longer grow back due to excess hair removal, an accident, or a burn. Some women simply want to correct their eyebrow line, while others want a more natural result than a tattoo or hide traces that have become unsightly over time. In addition, eyebrow transplant is an excellent alternative for patients who have undergone chemotherapy treatments.

How It works

1 st step: diagnosis

Eyebrow transplant is an intervention that requires great dexterity and precision for the result to be natural. The transplant requires a thorough preliminary examination. The surgeon will in particular study the following elements:

  • What is the original shape of the eyebrow?
  • How are the hairs distributed?
  • How are they oriented? 
  • What are the (reasonable) wishes of the patient?
  • The surgeon then draws the final shape for eyebrows to be transplanted 

2 nd step: taking hair and transplanting it

Under local anesthesia, the cosmetic surgeon or doctor takes approximately 100 to 300 hairs (called grafts), depending on the technique used and the density sought. 

He will then reimplant them using a needle in the eyebrow line. The aesthetic doctor can redraw the line: a straight eyebrow can be a little arched and vice versa. All the same, while taking into consideration the morphology of the patient’s face. The intervention, carried out by a specialist surgeon lasts between one hour thirty and three hours.

After the surgery

Slight edema may appear in the grafted area the days following the intervention. The grafts will also form small crusts which will fall off naturally after 5 to 7 days. Then the patient’s eyebrows will grow.

Patients can treat the swelling at home with an eye mask that cools the area. Within a day or two, the entire brow area begins to flake, and patients should be cautious not to delve into the scabs, as they can accidentally remove a transplanted follicle.

 The results are permanent. The implanted hair resists, if necessary, even hair removal. Its growth rate will be faster than that of the eyebrow, so it is common to have to cut it occasionally. Depending on the eyebrow design that is performed and the subsequent transplant, it is possible to optimally raise the eye and open the gaze.

Frequently asked questions about eyebrow transplant

Do Planted Eyebrows Look Natural?

The person who sees the patient after 1 month may not realize in any way that he/she had an eyebrow transplant. As long as you choose a professional surgeon and adhere to their rules, it will be very difficult to understand that your new eyebrows are transplanted. 

What are the possible side effects?

Eyebrow transplant application has the same procedure and process as the hair transplant operation in general. In this sense, the risks it contains are at the same as hair transplantation:

-Possible bleeding

-Edema and mild swelling around the eyebrows

-Temporary (anesthetic) loss of sensation in the region

-Temporary crusts

-Itching in healing time

Do I need to do an eyebrow transplant more than once?

Actually eyebrow transplant is permanent. You only need to undergo the procedure once, however, in some cases, such as in-patients who have scar tissue from traumatic injury or due to procedures like tattooing, a second procedure may be required but this is not the case all the time.

What is the age limit for eyebrow transplant?

The age limit in eyebrow transplant, as in all health sectors, can be said to be 18 years or older. If eyebrow transplant is done for different reasons, this limit can of course drop by the family’s will. The earlier the eyebrow transplant is done, the faster the result is obtained. 

Things to Avoid Before the Surgery

  • Do not use alcohol and other foreign substances 1 week before eyebrow transplant. 
  • Stop smoking as much as possible 24 hours before the operation. 
  • Do not use antidepressants, anticoagulants, 2 weeks before hair transplant. 
  • Do not apply any local medicine to your scalp and hair before hair transplant or wash your hair before the operation. 
  • Take care not to consume coffee and caffeine-containing foods or beverages the day before hair transplant.

Your surgeon might give more instructions so try to adhere to them as much as possible.

Celebrities who have an eyebrow transplant

During the 1970s and 1980s, the fashion was very thin eyebrows. Armed with our eyebrow tweezers, many of us did not hesitate to remove the maximum amount of hair considered unsightly. This Fashion has passed now yet our cut eyebrows cannot grow back. Good news, beyond makeup, you can use eyebrow transplant. New and more refined hair transplantation techniques developed in the 1990s and this way eyebrow transplant became possible. Eyebrow transplant has been performed for more than 20 years, however, it has only become popularized more recently with the current trend of the full brow look. 

There are many celebrities who have thick natural eyebrows like  Kate Middleton and Cara Delevingne who were responsible for the rise in interest in eyebrow transplant. However,  there are many actresses that maybe you do not know that their eyebrows were actually a transplant like Megan Good and Kira Knightly who helped populate the procedure even more. 

The bottom line is, if you seriously consider having an eyebrow transplant, it is better to consult a surgeon thoroughly and know whether it is worth undergoing this surgical procedure or not.

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