The Real Secret Behind Julia Roberts’ Dazzling Smile

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Julia Roberts’ smile is her strongest feature and most noteworthy aspect to her red carpet presence. The talented actress wears a gloving smile that complements her cinematic roles and adorns her magazine features. 

There is so much to her smile that makes it ever so unique and ever so dazzling. And behind her megawatt smile are a lot of secrets. From professional procedures to following her late grandfather’s beauty tips; Julia Roberts’ smile has become a global icon of perfection. 

What Makes Julia Roberts’ Smile So Attractive? 

Julia Roberts’ smile is so alluring that we can’t help but wonder why. Apparently, the young start meets various aspects of smile beauty standards. Effortlessly checking off every requirement on the list. 

1- Symmetry 

Symmetry is a general beauty standard. Symmetrical faces and smiles are inherently more attractive. And Julia Roberts’ Smile seems to have perfect alignment. There is no evidence that she has opted for orthodontics before so it seems that her straight teeth are fully natural. 

You can consider orthodontics to get the perfect alignment for a glowing Smile like Julia Roberts’. 

2- A Pearly Glow 

What makes Julia Roberts’ smile standout is it’s glow. The star has such an extremely white smile that brightens her face and attracts attention to her smile. The pleasant glow is free of stains or any flaws that could potentially dim it. Julia Roberts reported that she uses baking soda to polish her teeth for a natural glow. The star also mentioned that she took this advice after her late grandfather. Fildena

If your smile is missing the white factor consider professional teeth whitening sessions. While baking soda worked for Julia Roberts’ smile, it can’t have the same effect on genetic stains.  

Julia Roberts Veneers

Julia Roberts has been under the spotlight far before cosmetic dentistry procedures like the Hollywood Smile took off. And following her cinematography we can see that her smile had been around her entire career. 

While she has always had a beautiful smile, some say veneers have enhanced it. There are claims that the star has had veneers to perfectify her smile. The film-like structures help Julia Robert fix the minor flaws in her smile by evening out her teeth and giving her teeth a smoother edge. 

How Can You Get A Smile Like Julia Roberts? 

1- Hollywood Smile

Julia Roberts’ smile seems to have set the benchmark pretty high because all A-Listers are getting veneers. From George Clooney to Celine Dione. Hence why the procedure is referred to as the Hollywood Smile. This procedure is perfect for a smile makeover that is capable of hiding all your flaws whatever they may be. From minor misalignments to pigmentation, chipping, and gaps.

The films are either made from zirconium or porcelain, and both are not only naturally looking but behave like natural teeth. They go on the front part of the tooth alone and have an extensive longevity. Learn more about the Hollywood Smile here

2- Orthodontics 

Symmetry is extremely important if you want that million dollar smile. Hence why you need to consider orthodontics to get your smile into alignment. And once you get your teeth in line, you can opt for other cosmetic dentistry procedures to give your smile some final touches. 

3- Dental Implants 

If you have missing teeth and want that Julia Roberts smile, you can consider dental implants. They’re structures made of a titanium root implanted right in the jaw bone. Dental implants don’t only serve aesthetics but can also restore dental functions. 

The Takeaway 

Julia Roberts’ smile wouldn’t have the same effect if, say, we pasted it on Megan Fox. But on her, it seems that it works entirely to bring out her natural beauty. It complements her warm and kind features excellently. And that is the most important aspect to smile design. 

Our dentists at Aren Clinic have an artistic flair and our mission is fully focused on giving you a unique smile that best matches your features. 

Speak To Our Smile Design Professionals 

At Aren Clinic we’re all about the perfect smile. If you wish to have a noteworthy smile like Julia Roberts, contact us

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