Hair Transplant In Turkey: Your Step By Step Guide

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Hair transplant in Turkey has peaked unprecedented levels of success on a global level. In a short time period, it has become the biggest medical tourism industry attracting thousands of patients monthly for hair transplant in Turkey.

From Europe to Asia, America, and Africa; many are seeking Turkey’s supreme hair restoration industry. And in the following comprehensive guide to hair transplant in Turkey, you’ll find everything you need.

What Are Hair Transplants?

Hair transplantation is a micro-surgical hair restoration procedure. Meaning, it doesn’t require deep incisions or stitches. In fact, there is no downtime at all. The procedure of hair transplant works by extracting hair from the back of the head using a micro punch.

Usually, you’d find that most bald people have hair at the back of their heads. These areas serve as donor sites from which your doctor extracts hair follicles to re-implant them into bald regions.

In other words, it’s sort of like redistributing the hair. But this doesn’t affect the appearance of the donor site at all. Because the final appeal of a hair transplant is very natural if you opt for FUE and its variants.

Hair Transplant Techniques In Turkey

Turkey’s hair transplant industry beats immensely with life. The increasing demand and global attraction pushes the industry towards success and excellence

Because the industry is constantly active, it allows room for innovation. And for this reason, hair transplant in Turkey has its own techniques and methods. For example, in other parts of the world, you only find the two basic techniques of hair restoration: FUT and FUE hair transplant.

In Turkey, finding FUT hair transplants is a very difficult process. Most hair transplant centers in Turkey have long abandoned this technique due to its side effects. Which include visible scarring and numbness. Instead, more modern techniques that leave no scarring and natural results have emerged.

1- FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey

FUE hair transplant is very common in Turkey. This technology is from the early 2000s and has since revolutionized the hair transplant industry around the world. There is no visible scarring, no downtime, and the results are very natural.

2- Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey

Sapphire FUE is a technology exclusive to hair transplant in Turkey. This technology is a very high-tech method that adds a great deal of precision to the process.  The scalpels doctors use to open channels in this technique are crafted from sapphire stone. So you’ll have a pen-like instrument with a sapphire blade attached at the bottom. This is see-through and extremely precise.

The sapphire FUE technique is ideal for the most aesthetic high-density results.

3- DHI Hair Transplant In Turkey

DHI is another technology that’s very prevalent in hair transplant in Turkey. DHI is very time efficient and in short, completely eliminates the need for channel opening. So instead of doctors first preparing your scalp for implantation by making small openings, your doctors can directly implant hair follicles.

This is possible using a pen-like instrument with a hollow tip that nurses load with hair follicles beforehand. Then using the instrument your doctor directly implants hair follicles into your scalp.

What Are The Success Rates For Hair Transplant In Turkey?

This is a variable answer because it depends on many factors. For instance, where you choose to perform your hair transplant in Turkey. Qualified centers that operate above-board will guarantee successful results for your hair transplant in Turkey.

If you consider all the facts, such as before and after photos and reviews; you’re already on the right path. Whichever country you choose to have a medical or cosmetic procedure in, you must research well. Generally, with all the right elements success rate of hair transplants in Turkey averages around 98%.

You can also consider treatments like PRP therapy. Which is a procedure that extracts essential proteins for growth from your blood and injects them into the scalp. This helps the hair follicles find anchor and growth in their new regions.

Cost Of Hair Transplant In Turkey

Part of the reason Turkey’s hair transplant industry is blooming to this extent is its affordable costs. Many find that a hair transplant in Turkey is very affordable in comparison to the quality and services patients get in return. For instance, our doctors at Aren Clinic have ample practice in various disciplines of the field. From an artistic touch to detail-oriented evaluation for hairline design.

A hair transplant in Turkey with Aren Clinic is very exceptional and luxurious. But when it comes to costs, medical tourists have an opportunity to exploit.

In Turkey overall a hair transplant averages around $2,500 to $3,500. Which many patients find to be within their price range.

How Can I Start My Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Hair transplant centers in Turkey like Aren Clinic have ample experience in the field. And the years of practice as well as the thousands of patients visiting per month have refined the industry. It’s become more amiable and patient-focused. This includes various services that facilitate your stay for treatment. But here’s your step by step guide to starting your hair transplant in Turkey.

1- Contact The Hair Transplant Center

Hair transplant centers like Aren Clinic have a team of medical specialists trained in hair transplants. Their role is to answer your inquiries and provide you with all you need to know about hair transplant in Turkey. So, your first step would be to contact your hair transplant center in Turkey.

2- Check If You’re A Candidate

After answering all your inquiries, your medical specialist, upon your request, will evaluate your scalp. This process will entirely be online where you’ll communicate with pictures. After studying the pictures and your medical history; the medical specialist will give you a report indications whether you’re a suitable candidate or not. It’s important to note that this assessment is initial.

You will have blood tests and your doctor will examine your scalp in person upon arrival.

3- Coordinating Your Plan

Once you confirm that you’re interested in the procedure, we’ll handle all other arrangements for you. From accommodation to transportation and translation. On your side, you will need to book a ticket that most fits your schedule.

In the meantime, we’ll stay in touch with you until your arrival in Istanbul. Where representatives from Aren Clinic will be expecting you at the airport. From there on all your transportation between the clinic, hotel, and airport will be in a private car.

What Services Will Aren Clinic Provide For Me?

Aren Clinic endeavors to provide the right elements for a cathartic and healing environment for your hair transplant in Turkey. So this includes the following:

1- Luxurious Accommodation

5-star room reservation for the duration of your treatment. The hotel is located in an upmarket area near all the essential facilities for a comfortable stay.

2- Translation

The language will not be a problem for you as we provide translators for various languages. You will be constantly aware of the following steps in your process. Our team will make sure you’re included in every aspect of your hair transplant.

3- Transportation

We’ll assign a personal car to escort you to all your appointments between the clinic, hotel, and airport.

How Long Is A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Between your arrival and the end of your procedure is 3 to 4 days. Of course, this consists of an in-office consultation, blood tests, hair transplant, and clinical washing.

Whether you want to leave or not after your hair transplant in Turkey is a personal decision. But most medical tourists like to stretch their stay in Istanbul for a few more days. Because hair transplants have no downtime, you can tour around beautiful Istanbul. Make sure you’re feeling well and following your surgeon’s instructions.

The Takeaway

Hair transplant in Turkey has become a household name in a very short time period. The success is owing to its exceptional services, high-quality care, and affordable procedures. All these factors combined helped the hair transplant industry in Turkey bloom with success.

And with Aren Clinic, a hair transplant in Turkey is more than just hair restoration. It’s a new beginning and a fresh start.

You can find more information on hair transplant here. Or you can contact us via WhatsApp on the following number: +90 545 600 4004

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