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Having the perfect brows isn’t a matter of thick or thin. Because eyebrow fashion is constantly evolving the secret to perfect brows and rocking any shape is working with your features.

You have to make sure you compliment your face when trying to reshape your eyebrows. In other words, it’s sort of like geometry and depends entirely on angles.

Read along to learn all the tips and tricks to getting perfect brows. Including alternatives for long-lasting perfect brows.

Eyebrow Shaping To Get The Perfect Brows

Getting the perfect brows is entirely a matter of eyebrow shaping. You have three major points which you need to get right. These include the arch, the tail, and the beginning. Here’s how you can get the right measurements.

1- Know Your Boundaries

One of the main components of cooking up the perfect brows is knowing your limits. A common eyebrow mistake that many make is dragging their eyebrow tail a bit longer than necessary. Which in turn gives the illusion of droopy eyes and fatigue. There’s no standard tail end, you need to work that out for yourself.

With a ruler or a pen face the mirror. Try to place your instrument to create a line between the tip of your nostril and the edge of your eye. Using this line as a reference, elongate your instrument further up to your eyebrows. This there is where your eyebrow tail should end.

2- Don’t Burn Bridges

After knowing where your eyebrows end you must know where they begin as well. Getting the perfect brows is all about baby-steps. You complete one step you go to the next one. For this, you’ll use your nose bridge as guidance.

Follow either edge of your nose bridge straight up, this will show you where your eyebrows should begin.

3- Find Your Arch For The Perfect Brows

The final step to shaping the perfect brows is finding your arch. For this you’ll need to go back to your nostrils for perspective.

Here you’ll try to make a line between the edge of your nostrils and the center of your pupil. You must be looking straight ahead to for an arch for perfect brows.

Mark that point to know where to make your arch.

4- Don’t Over Do It

Eyebrow Design
Eyebrow Design

Now that you have your main three points marked, use your makeup to fill them in. Make sure you’re not overdoing it in any area though. Another thing to keep in mind is moving your makeup brush or product in stroke-like movements. Keep it simple from start to finish because perfect brows are all about minimalism.

Tips To Get The Perfect Brows

All the information we have above focuses on working with what you have. But if you don’t have a foundation to essentially build on, you need to consider other options. The choices are vast but here’s the top 2 that actually work. We look into efficacy & results as a metric for success.

1- Eyebrow Transplant

Why do we recommend this for the perfect brows? Because it’s currently your best option. Eyebrow transplant is a micro-surgery with no big wounds of downtime.

It increases the thickness of your eyebrows and reshapes them endlessly. During the procedure, your doctor works on eyebrow shaping. More or less practicing the techniques we mentioned above. But of course with better instruments and much more accuracy.

Then using the fine hairs behind your ears, your doctor first extracts them and then re-implants them in your eyebrows.

Not only is this natural-looking since it uses your own hair, but also permanent.

We recommend this because you have so much flexibility designing your eyebrows. In other words you can still ride the trends of fashion because you can pluck, thread, and dye your eyebrow hair.

2- Microblading

eyebrow microblading
eyebrow microblading

Microblading comes next on our recommendation list for the perfect brows. It involves a similar healing period to eyebrow transplant but offers less freedom.

During the procedure you go for a similar eyebrow shaping step. But then you go through a process of tattooing using semi-permanent ink.

The results of Microblading are semi-permanent hence why it falls under permanent makeup. The ink holds for 1.5 year to 2.5 years. But during this period you have to go for frequent touch-ups because the color can fade.

The Takeaway

Having perfect brows is a concept that you have to personalize. It’s not a one size fits all. You need to work with your features do shape the perfect brows for you.

The point of having perfect brows is to bring out your beauty. So you need to customize that. Work with your nose, make a line between the edge of your nostrils and outer eye to find the tail of your brows.

Then using the edge of your nostrils again make a line towards your the center of your pupil. That’s your arch. Now using the edge of your nose bridge make a line straight up to mark the beginning of your brows. These three points are your building blocks for the perfect brows.

If you want to have more options that are long-lasting and natural-looking consider techniques such as eyebrow transplant and Microblading.

Although Microblading seems like less commitment it requires more work throughout. But you have more flexibility with eyebrow transplant with no need for touch-ups.

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